Brazil Dona Helena

Brazil Dona Helena

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16oz. whole bean coffee

This delicious coffee comes from Dona Helena's small, 49 acre, woman owned/run farm at 1300m above sea level in in the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil. It has been given the Designation os Origin certification by the SCA, it highest recognition. It's imported by Miraní Bertanha and her amazing Bertagna Coffee Company out of Tulsa, OK. Miraní provides access to incredible Brazilian coffee with a personal touch.

This natural process, fresh crop, coffee is super complex - full of ripe red fruit, strawberry, caramel, and hazelnut flavors. It has a typical Brazil full, creamy body, and just enough bright acidity to add complexity to the cup. It's a delicious coffee you can enjoy for its flavor and for its responsibly sourced, direct-trade path to your cup.

Roast level:
Dark end of medium

Processing method:

Recommended brew method:
French press or espresso

Suggested listening:
"Brainwasher" Autolux