Brazil Yellow Honey

Brazil Yellow Honey

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12oz. whole bean coffee

This one is all about women! Coffee from a woman owned farm and a woman owned importer, Bertagna Coffee (Mirani)from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

From the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil, this small micro-lot is nothing less than amazing. I've been buying raw coffee from Bertagna for the past two years and every bean I've offered has been great, but this one is something really special. As a honey processed coffee, it's been carefully allowed to sit in its own fruity mucilage for a predetermined amount of time to allow those flavors to permeate the coffee seed (bean) and produces a wonderfully complex cup of coffee.

UPDATE: This one is almost gone! Note these are now 12oz. bags to help it last a bit longer.

Flavor notes:
Honey, sugar cane, cocoa, apricot and orange. A deliciously creamy body with intensifying sweetness as it cools.

Roast level:

Recommended brew method:
Anything! This one is perfect for any method.

Suggested listening:
"Another Day" The Cure