Brazil Bom Café
Brazil Bom Café

Brazil Bom Café

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14oz. whole bean medium roast coffee

This coffee from Cerrado Mineiro comes from Fazenda Bom Café, a family-owned farm managed by their youngest daughter Leticia Borges. This is a blend of both a washed and natural process coffee from the same origin. The washed provides a clean, crisp flavor with the natural giving you more earthy and deep stone fruit flavors. Overall, expect to taste caramel, vanilla and nuts up front with delicate citrus and chocolate covered orange rounding out the cup.

This amazing coffee is provided by Mirani Bertanha of Bertagna Coffee CompanyShe carefully selects coffee beans from family farms implementing  UTZ social, economic, and environmental best practices. Mirani has created a direct path, “Farm To Cup,” enhancing opportunities for women farmers. And she makes one hell of a chocolate brigadeiro!

Roast level:
Solid medium

Processing method:
Washed AND natural

Recommended brew method:
Clever Dripper

Recommended listening:
Sneaks 'Happy Birthday'