Bleached - Sour Candy blend

Bleached - Sour Candy blend

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12oz. whole bean coffee


Jennifer and Jessica Clavin formed Bleached in 2011 in LA after their first band, Mika Miko, broke up. For me, Bleached was a perfect segue into the pop-punk-rock world. Their first album, Ride Your Heart, is full of fuzzy punk guitar songs bordering on the edge of pop. Songs like “Dead in the Head” and “Dreaming With You” take a peak at their flair for writing catchy pop songs in the same vein as The Ronettes and Ramones, but layered with powerful guitar punk chords that remind you of The Slits, Black Flag and Circle Jerks.

Unfortunately, I missed them the first time they made it to the Twin Cities in 2012 with Veronica Falls. I’ve since caught them the last four times they’ve been to town. Jenn and Jess shine on stage. The power of their music is that it catches you in a smile either because of a catchy guitar hook or a lyric that hits close to home. I’ve been lucky enough to see them at some very intimate venues and have been able to meet them several times - I’ve even kept in touch with Jenn through her love of coffee. So when the opportunity came about to start a series of limited edition coffee blends inspired by my favorite bands, Bleached was at the top of my list. I feel like Cuckoo Coffee has a lot in common with the band. Punk is a common thread in how I run my business and marketing - but the overall ethos is more pop - great, high quality coffee for all!

“There’s this feeling I get when I listen to The Cure… I don’t know, it’s just this feeling like I'm young again or like I can do anything I want to do, and it’s good,” she said. “It would be really cool if our fans get that feeling.” - Jennifer Clavin

Blend components:
- Brazil Fazenda California natural (Red Apple, Hazelnut, Caramelized Sugar, Malt)
- Ethiopia Kembata natural grade 1 (Blueberry, Strawberry, and Milk Chocolate)

Roast level:
Almost medium