720 Gesha Tasting

720 Gesha Tasting

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Have you ever tasted an $86/lb coffee? Me neither, but now is your chance! I bought this with the intention of sharing it with a few of my best customers. Buy this and we will set up a "coffee playdate." I'll contact you to confirm a date and time.*

A private coffee tasting at the home of CUCKOO COFFEE including:

- Colombia El Paraiso 720 Gesha ($86/lb)

Colombia El Paraiso Red Plum

- Ethiopia Mystic Trip Reserve Blend

- And more!

You choose the brew methods from Chemex, v60, Kalita Wave, French Press, espresso and more.

Here's the description of the 720 Gesha:
"720 Gesha is an anaerobically fermented natural lot by Diego Bermudez, from his farm, El Paraiso in collaboration with the Santuario Project. That was a mouthful of a sentence let’s unpack it together. Starting with Finca El Paraiso (Paradise), a farm with the elevation for incredible coffee production in the Peindamó municipality of Cauca, Colombia. Diego Bermudez doesn’t leave the responsibility of great coffee on the shoulders of his pristine farm, he takes matters into his own hands. Diego grows many disease resistant varieties, like Castillo and Colombia, which he uses expertise in fermentation to improve cup score immensely (like with Tropical and Red Plum). Those fermentation techniques are done in collaboration with The Santuario Project, a group who team up with farmers to create processing methods. This Gesha lot went through the longest fermentation time we’ve ever seen, which contributes to the coffees high cost and the very unique cup profile. Fermentation was 720 hours (one full month) in cherry and stopped at the chosen PH levels with a “thermal shock” using cold water to stop the fomentation exactly when desired. This is an extremely uncommon coffee, and very few people are going to get their hands on it as it is only a one bag lot delivered to us. The cup is one of the more vibrant cups we’ve tasted, and one of the highest scoring coffees we’ve cupped this year. We get the sweetness of Hard Candy (like Jolly Ranchers), the fruitiness of a Cherry Shrub (think tart soda), Pear Cider, and we even got hints of Twizzlers and a punchy Syrah Wine. We don’t make a habit of bringing in such pricey Geshas, but the rarity of this coffee matched it’s price in our eyes."

*You will need to provide your own transportation to White Bear Lake for the tasting.