5oz. Uganda Mbale Honey

5oz. Uganda Mbale Honey

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5oz. whole bean coffee microbag


This coffee was given “Mbale” designation by Mountain Harvest - a group that takes a holistic approach to coffee sustainability as a business, ecosystem, and farmer livelihood. MBale is their classification intended to represent the best of the best from all of its farmers. Mbale coffees are sorted to Uganda’s highest grade: A+. The honey version is just as clean as the washed with just a touch more acidity, slight complexity, rich body and creamy mouthfeel.

Uganda has gone overlooked in favor of it’s more established neighbors like Kenya and Ethiopia. This organic coffee from the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda comes from multiple small growers with each farm growing between 600-1,000 coffee trees. The ripe coffee cherries were depulped and fermented for 24 hours, then dried in large, carefully-controlled raised beds, all of which is overseen by Mountain Harvest’s processing manager. Centralized processing is the norm across East Africa, but in Uganda, it is still rare. Mountain Harvest has had great success training their small farmer base to process using very high standards, these central-processing microlots are an attempt to elevate their coffee profiles even more through greater control. This coffee is a great result of that process.

Complex and sweet with blackberry and grape. A slight hint of wine and notes of hibiscus.

Roast level
Almost medium