5oz. Tanzania Peaberry Microbag

5oz. Tanzania Peaberry Microbag

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5oz. whole bean coffee

The one and only Tanzania Peaberry! Treasured by coffee connoisseurs who enjoy it's bright, winey tones, it is one of the most lively tasting African coffees. Peaberry denotes a variant of the coffee in which only one small bean is found in the coffee cherry rather than the two that are typically found in each cherry. This coffee is a blend of coffee from across the Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions. These groups come from districts in Kilimanjaro such as Hai and Moshi Rural district, in addition the coffee was also sourced from Meru district close to the town of Arusha. The producers of this coffee have farms between 1-2 hectares in size and intercrop with bananas and avocado. The coffee is fully washed and processed on the farms using the locally made hand pulpers, buckets for fermentation and dried on raised beds.

Sweet brown sugar honey aroma, juicy smooth medium to full body, clean sweet fruity lingering aftertaste, exotic well balanced intense flavor and crisp bright tangy winey acidity with black tea, citrus, orange and blueberry notes.