5oz. Yemen Mocca Mattari

5oz. Yemen Mocca Mattari

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5oz. whole bean coffee


"Mattari" is a term of territory distinction in Yemen, just like "Kona" in Hawaii. It refers to high quality coffees that grow in a subtropical climate and sandy loam soil in the Mattari-Sayhee mountain valley of Sana'a in western Yemen. This is a traditionally processed Yemen coffee: natural, hand-picked, sorted for consistency/quality, and dried in a single layer in full sun on rooftops.

Most Yemen coffee is roasted darker than this, but the natural flavors are way too good to sacrifice to a more "roasty" profile. This lighter roast highlights the higher acidity and wine-like brightness. Fruit is definitely a major flavor profile - peach and blueberry are the dominant players, but I tasted hints of strawberry and green apple. As the cup cools, you may get maple and some toasty herbal notes. Because this isn't roasted very dark, there is less chocolate than traditionally found in Yemen coffee, but with certain brew methods, it may still come out a bit.

This one is really good. It's not cheap - the raw green beans were $13/lb. I'm packaging this one in smaller 8oz. bags so more people can try it. Also - I've found that this needs about a week of rest after roasting to develop it's full flavor - and even longer is better.

Smooth and low acidity. Peach, blueberry, green apple with hints of maple and herbs.

Roast Level
Medium Light