5oz. Burundi Ubuto-Karuzi Washed

5oz. Burundi Ubuto-Karuzi Washed

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5oz. whole bean coffee

This microlot from the Karuzi Province in Burundi is a wonderful showcase of local Bourbon coffee varieties. It has been given the name Ubuto, which translates to “young” because the coffee trees are only a few harvests old AND because of the brand-new partnership between the Karuzi province and JNP Coffee. JNP Coffee is highly focused on women’s empowerment, and along with a few local women’s rights advocates, formulated the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Fully washing this coffee really allows the cleanliness and balance of the cup to shine through! Delightfully fresh flavors of papaya and peach, zesty lime, and a subtle sweet nutty flavor of marzipan which is particularly noticeable as the cup cools. Top that off with a lovely full body, creamy texture and a quick, clean finish and you’ve got a incredibly delicious cup.

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