Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry

Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry

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10oz. whole bean coffee

From the Kirinyaga growing district where the farmers bring the coffee cherries they harvest in the local area for pulping, fermenting, and sun-drying. It is a cooperative coffee, one of two mills in the New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society, in the town of Kianyaga. The quality of the coffee from cooperatives like this is often superior to coffee from single estates in Kenya. In a coop, each member tends to only about 200-500 trees on less than a hectare, as opposed to the huge estates that uses agribusiness growing methods. You might thank that blending so many different coffees from hundreds of farms might compromise quality in some way. But in many parts of East Africa where this model is prevalent (Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi), the exact opposite is true.

Flavor notes:
The coffee grounds have a sweet citrus brightness, like stone fruit, with hints of caramel and honey. The cup is intensely bright with ripe orange zest, tangy pink grapefruit, cherry-flavored jello, syrupy fruit juice and some earthy spice notes.

Roast level:

Recommended brew method/temp:
Chemex at 205°F

Suggested listening:
"All Being Fine" King Hannah