El Salvador Red Bourbon Natural

El Salvador Red Bourbon Natural

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12oz. whole bean coffee

This delicious coffee from El Salvador comes from Finca La Siberia run by Rafael and Carmen Elena Silva. About 150 years ago, the Silva family planted coffee trees on one of the highest summits of the Apaneca- Ilamatepec Mountain Range and named the 28 hectares Siberia for its tumultuous weather conditions and difficult accessibility. Rafael Silva inherited the property and began his career in coffee 100 years later. Ecological awareness has allowed Rafael to come up with innovative ways to produce organic matter for fertilization. He uses a massive production of earthworms to process the coffee pulp which creates lombricompost that is then used to fertilize the trees. These coffees from the Silva family are very sweet, clean, and balanced with red fruit and honey flavors.

Flavor notes:
Intense honey sweetness! Chocolate covered cherry with berry, orange, melon, and ripe stone fruit.

Roast level: