Vinyl Blend
Vinyl Blend

Vinyl Blend

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Music plays an influential role in the DNA of Cuckoo Coffee. In fact, the name comes from a song from by one of my favorite bands, Still Corners. As a long time record collector, vinyl is synonymous with music, so when I started to develop a coffee blend entirely focused on music, Vinyl was the only choice. With this blend, the focus is on high fidelity and clean, clear flavors. The individual components of Vinyl may change and evolve throughout the year, but a consistent sweetness and vibrant acidity will always be present. This contrast in flavors is enhanced by combining coffee from dynamically different origins into a single, harmonious blend that begs you to turn it up to 11 ;)

So go ahead and drop the needle on your favorite record and brew up a rich, sweet, bright cup of Vinyl.

Roast Level:
Medium (city roast)

Flavor Characteristics:
Rich, Chocolatey, fruity, loud!

Processing Method:
Fully washed

Whole bean coffee